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We often focus too much on what has happened in the past or something that has not

happened in the future, but we never look at what is right in front of us. The purpose of these

glasses is to remind the wearer/viewer to be more mindful of the present, to stop overthinking,

and to not forget where you are and to remember what is 

right in front of you.

The label - "saat." is Indonesian for time or moment. I chose this name because you can only use this word to describe a present moment, it does not work when it is used to describe a moment in the future or has passed

(e.g. pada saat itu juga "at that right moment", saat ini "this moment")

Inside says "Please don't forget me", it is a message from the 'present' asking

the wearer/viewer to pay attention to what's happening right now

Thank you for viewing!

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