Observation Research


To understand how people go about inside their homes, I looked at how they placed items and which parts of their house do they spend time most in. I also asked what makes them feel most at home and what common ritual people have. 

"Creating Space"

Yoga practices breathing and how to be more aware of your body, looked at a few yoga tutorials, common yoga movements include a lot stretching your arms wide open, crouching down and expanding up, opening your body and lungs. This is to "create space" stops us from getting trapped inside our minds and release any tension. I decided to incorporate these movements into the lighting, so I started experimenting different ways of switching the lights using a lot opening and stretching movements.

Inspiration board

Early exploration sketches

Secondary exploration sketches

small scale models

First full scale prototype

Testing lights and curtain material with full scale prototype

Tyvek paper

Tyvek paper with bamboo skewers

Washi paper with bamboo skewers

Muslin cloth with bamboo skewers

Final full scale mock up

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