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The Form Project are three different sized vessels - small, medium and tall. Students were each assigned two adjectives and had to communicate it through these three forms. These three forms should live as a family, a collection connected by the form they take. Models had to be made out of blue foam and finished with joint compound and gesso.


My two adjectives were "delicate + soft" 



1. FINE, exquisite, intricate, dainty; flimsy, gauzy, filmy, floaty.

2. SUBTLE, soft, muted; pastel, pale, light.

3. FRAGILE, breakable, frail; formal frangible. 


I decided to express the word "delicate" by adding a subtle element in the three forms - the delicate top tips. The goal was to create objects that felt like one had to approach it carefully as if it's fragile but still welcoming them to touch it because of its softness. 

exploration sketches

small scale plasticine clay models

full scale model making process

Rapid prototyping with small scale plasticine clay models helped to quickly show and better understand what the forms would look like in 3D from the exploration sketches. After deciding which forms communicated "delicate + soft" most successfully I moved on to the final blue foam model.

Thank you for viewing!

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