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Entr. is a furniture collection that focuses on the entryway of homes - how do people enter and leave their homes? Do they take off their shoes first? Put away their coats and groceries? Or maybe they take the things out of their pockets first, keys, wallet, phone? 


Entr. consists of a shoe rack and coat hanger, but the two pieces are not constricted to just those functions. The simple and minimal design makes it "neutral and ambiguous" enough so that it can function more than just an ordinary shoe rack and coat hanger. The aim was to make their functions flexible and open for interpretation so that they can cater to any user for any lifestyle. 

The diagram below is a basic sequence map of how people enter and leave a household, everyone has a different diagram as everyone has different habits or rituals. Mapping people's movement helped me understand what were the basic essentials my furniture had to at least provide and anticipate to interact effectively with the user.

small scale models

full scale prototypes

making process

Prototyping helped me explore and test how people would interact with these two furniture pieces and whether they looked like they could live together as a collection. 

I used the metals bridgeport to mill out the holes on the dowels so that they were more accurate. I also used the lathe to make a step-pin type of joint. 

Another important element these pieces needed was that it had to look playful, at least enough to indicate to the user that they're supposed to interact with the furniture and use them any way they want according to their habits and needs.

Thank you for viewing!

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