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The project was to design a watering can for an existing brand that expresses its identity and form language. The chosen brand for this project was the Swedish fashion brand COS. 

brand & identity

COS is a fashion brand for women and men who want modern, functional and considered design. Since launching in 2007 in Sweden, COS has opened stores worldwide in carefully considered locations. 


Their goal is to create high quality wardrobe essentials that are made to last beyond the  season. Using traditional methods and new techniques merge to form timeless, understated collections.

TIMELESS           classic & essential shapes

MUTED              neutral colors

ASYMMETRICAL    playful & futuristic shapes

GEOMETRIC        boxy and oversized

MINIMAL            clean lines & cuts

form language

Typical consumer of COS chooses their clothing because they want to stand out without drawing too much attention. They stand out because they wear classic clothing that have been reinvented to contain an unexpected element that keeps the crowd surprised but in a subtle way.

sketch explorations 

I began my design process by sketching. I explored different ways I could elevate a basic watering cans by playing with asymmetry and cutting off parts or placing the handle and spout differently. 

quick small scale models

full scale fin models

Moving on from sketching I quickly made small scale models out of blue foam. Full scale cardboard fin models helped me better understand how one would hold the watering can, whether it would function (hypothetically) and whether the from successfully communicates the brand. 

model making process

The final model was made out of a mix of materials. The main body of the watering can was made out of blue foam, the spout was made out of a wooden dowel and blue foam combined. The handle was made out of maple wood milled and carved. To finish it I covered the watering can with vinyl spackle, spray primer and spray paint.

Thank you for viewing!

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