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Cone is a character that hides your belongings from you. The form was inspired by that of the common form of table lamps we are familiar with. Cone comes with a top shade that can be adjusted, the higher you lift it the brighter the light. (2).gif

Inspiration board

The aim was to decrease phone use during bedtime, a habit that is increasingly becoming more common. The use then expanded to help keep other clatters from distracting us from tasks, time to rest and other daily rituals. Cone hides things from you so that you have more time to focus on yourself.

cone manuals-01.png

Phones and other daily items

clatter our living space

cone manuals-02.png

Cone's platter will keep your belongings in place

cone manuals-03.png

When you don't want any distractions, Cone can hide your things for you!


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