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This was the final assignment for Foundation Year Spatial Dynamics class (Fall 2015). The assignment was to make a modular cardboard chair that can be reconfigured to create at least three different chairs with six of the same modules. All modular cardboard chairs were hand cut.

Each modular chair has a joiner inside the center which you can use to join one module to the other. It can be adjusted into different lengths

The joiner lives inside the internal structure of the module and can slide in and out both directions.

Here is the joint seperated from the modular chair. It can be taken in and out of the center, length is also adjustable

The module also has flaps that can be expanded and secured with detachable lids and supporters. The supporters help with providing more structure to the chair, the ability to expand the flaps also allow more variety on how to join the modules together.

Different chair configurations you could make with 6 of the modules.

Throughout the process of this project I made bristol mini modular models to explore the different ways modules could join to create a complex system, slowly evolving model after model until the final one.

Thank you for viewing!

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