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The focus of the project was to communicate an adjective through a chosen object, in this case I chose to design a soy sauce bottle that was "bulbous".  The final models were made out of blue foam and finished with vinyl spackle and gesso. The bulbous soy sauce bottle with the wooden lid is an experiment on how I would make this bottle more functional if it were a working soy sauce bottle whereas the plain one focuses more on just expressing the adjective in the form. 

I researched different forms that I thought were bulbous to better understand what "bulbous" means. I was most interested in how bulbous is expressed by creating irregular round surfaces, and how flesh-like they looked. 

early exploration sketches

final form sketch

The final form was a combination of different elements from the earlier exploration sketches that expressed the word bulbous most. During critique time, my peers mentioned the large round shape worked well and having irregular bumps looked most bulbous too. 

The wooden lid is detachable, this would be how you would refill the soy sauce bottle.

Thank you for viewing!

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