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BO stores children's toys and is also a toy itself, kids can hit and push BO and it will balance itself up again. The aim of BO is to encourage children to clean up their toys after playtime, kids can only play with BO after storing back their toys inside it. Without the toys inside BO wouldn't be able to balance itself. 

How Does It Work?

Design Requirements

Interviews with children aged 5-7 and parents helped me gain information on how do children play with their toys, what kind of toys they play with, how are they stored and why do children tend to not clean up their toys. This helped me identify the design requirements for BO.

early exploration sketches

refined sketches

The final is a looks-like and works-like model, the main body is made out of blue foam and covered with plaster, primed and finished with orange spray paint. The top of the model was vacuum formed and the handles are made out of poplar wood.

model making process

Thank you for viewing!

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